About L.A.R.P. Tactical

Who We Are

LARP Tactical was born from Soldiers and professionals that served in the some of the most elite organizations of the armed forces during the Global War on Terror (GWOT). Our passion upon leaving the military was bringing to the life the equipment, gear, and apparel that we used overseas for many years. LARP Tactical has devoted itself to providing the best quality reproduction gear that exists. Our equipment is 100% made here in the USA, berry compliant, and sewn to highest quality that meets the end user needs within the MILSIM Space.

Our Mission

L.A.R.P. Tactical is raising the bar. Our mission statement is the highest quality reproduction gear on the market. Simply put, there is no other place you can find quality sewn equipment. We strive to give you the best experience possible. Our equipment is built to the last, wherever you take it, we have you covered.

What Sets Us Apart

The LARP Tactical production line is made right here in the USA. You will no longer be required to wait on unreliable shipping from overseas. Our equipment is 100% berry compliant and made to the same specification of the original government product runs. You can use our equipment for the ultimate MILSIM experience without having to worry about it falling apart at any stage of the operation. Additionally, our equipment will stand up to the rigors of “Real Steel /  Real World” usage.

Join The L.A.R.P. Tactical Family

The LARP Tactical production line is here to stay. Our equipment is built to last while giving you the same aesthetic from the original designs. Dive into our extensive range of  equipment, apparel , user guides and experience the LARP difference.

Gear up… Go L.A.R.P. 🎯

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