Tactical Brands that Stand Out

A good portion of the Brands on the market are built “ford tough” as they say. We wanted to compile a list of some of the brands that we have used extensively between overseas, at Milsim West, local events and much more.

London Bridge Trading (LBT)

If you’re looking for a classic early to mid 2000’s Naval aesthetic look no further than London Bridge Trading. LBT has partnered with some of our nations most elite Soldiers to provide quality life saving equipment and load bearing solutions. Their chest rigs and Plate Carriers are built to last.

Eagle Industries

Eagle Industries like LBT has supplied our nations Soldiers for decades. Their chest rigs and plate carriers (PCs) have seen extensive use with the Army’s Ranger Regiment, Special Forces. and more (to include all of ARSOF). Eagle has stood the test of time and continues to lead the way in innovation and quality. Their chest rigs and PCs are classic designs that have seen and excelled in all aspects of warfare around the globe.


In the world of tactical gear, durability and performance are paramount. Brands like London Bridge Trading (LBT) and Eagle Industries have proven themselves through extensive use by elite soldiers. LBT’s naval aesthetics and quality equipment, along with Eagle Industries’ enduring legacy and innovation, make them top choices for any mission or event.

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