The “Task Force” MBAV – A New Standard in Tactical Gear

L.A.R.P. Tactical “Task Force” MBAV Review: A Faithful Replica of the Eagle Industries MBAV

MBAV Task Foce - Action 2

In this review, we delve into the details of the L.A.R.P. Tactical “Task Force” MBAV, a carrier modeled after the widely acclaimed Eagle Industries MBAV. Notably, this carrier was standard issue for the esteemed 75th Ranger Regiment in the late 2000s to early 2010s. Our focus will be on various aspects including fit, Velcro quality, buckle design, mesh material, and the overall construction.

Task Force MBAV - Fit 1
Task Force MBAV - Fit 2

Fit Excellence

The L.A.R.P. Tactical carrier replicates the fit of the original Eagle Industries MBAV to near perfection. When outfitted with pouches, the resemblance in fit to my Eagle carrier is uncanny. It’s evident that L.A.R.P. Tactical has invested significant effort in ensuring an authentic and comfortable fit. My rating for the fit aspect stands at a stellar 10/10.

Task Force MBAV - Velcro

Velcro Quality

The Velcro on this carrier nearly mirrors that of the Eagle, considering that the original has been in use for almost 15 years. Although the wear and tear on the Eagle’s Velcro is evident, L.A.R.P. Tactical’s version comes remarkably close to the original in terms of look and functionality. I rate the Velcro quality a commendable 9/10.

Task Force MBAV - Buckles

Buckle Design

Similar to the Rhodesian Recon Vest (RRV), the buckles on the L.A.R.P. version differ from those on the Eagle MBAV. However, it’s important to note that Eagle Industries used various buckle brands on their MBAVs. Therefore, the buckles on the L.A.R.P. carrier are appropriately chosen and align with historical variations. This section cannot be rated as it accurately reflects the original design.

Task Force MBAV - Mesh

Mesh Material

The mesh material used in the L.A.R.P. Tactical MBAV is identical to that of the Eagle MBAV. It’s impressive how LARP Tactical has sourced the exact material, making it challenging to distinguish between the two when examining the mesh. A perfect score of 10/10 is well-deserved for this aspect.

Overall Impressions

My overall rating for this L.A.R.P. Tactical reproduction stands at an impressive 9.7/10 in comparison to the Eagle Industries MBAV. L.A.R.P. Tactical’s commitment to research and attention to detail in sourcing authentic materials is evident. This carrier is a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship that L.A.R.P. Tactical invests in their projects. It’s a must-have for enthusiasts seeking a faithful and high-quality replica.

*Review by James C., a verified buyer of the L.A.R.P. Tactical “Task Force” MBAV. He wore it at the latest MSW event in Blakely, GA, from December 1-3, 2023. His feedback reflects real-world experience with the product.

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MBAV Task Force - Loaded

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