Getting your Impression Just Right.

We know you want to get that impression exactly where it needs to be and here at LARP Tac we have you covered.

Step 1: Identify the Faction and time-period of your impression.

Grab yourself a ticket at Afterall, there is only one MILSIM Company in the world and that is Milsim West.

Step 2: Convince your friends.

The more the merrier. The goal should be Platoon strength (40 folks), so you have the ability to constantly defeat any other element on the field. Contrary to popular Hollywood belief, the force with more people usually wins.

Step 3: Assign positions in your organization.

At minimum you should assign leadership positions and different types of elements within the team / unit / club. This way, you can have selected team members that specialize in certain roles. This will also help you decide as an organization on the right loadout for members before and event. For example, If I am a machine gunner, I’m probably going to need pouches that support that weapon system.

Step 4: Get the Reps In.

Train and practice with your friends and team members. Learn how they move, improve on collective skills, refine your equipment loadouts, and tailor your loads for the type of event you’re planning to attend.

Step 5: Attend Event and Rock Out

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